Young woman seeks older man

Not every older man seeking a younger woman receives reciprocity. How to succeed in this endeavor and fall in love with the young woman that owns your heart?

A younger woman will always communicate with a old man she trusts and can rely on to solve problems. If you can help out in a difficult situation then you will become the one for her. It is known that a woman's love often begins with gratitude.

Give her the impression that she is making the decisions. For example, if your young woman smokes, and you do not then note that smoking is a habit. Another example: If you are athletic, and the younger woman of your heart does not like working out, tell her that if she would devote time to sports, her beauty will remain longer. However, make such observations unobtrusively and half-jokingly. Your purpose is to cause a woman's desire to imitate you and try to keep you. It's quite remarkable if you can convince the lady it's her hearts delight.

The days when a older man had to fit the parameters of "powerful, smelly and hairy," have passed, but the metrosexuals, who groomed and nurtured themselves beyond measure, attract very few girls. From the women's point of view of all that is required from normal men on the part of looks is to be clean and neat.

If you cannot boast of special beauty, do not worry for ladies it is almost irrelevant. Much more important is that you maintain your toned figure: do not gain excess weight, and most importantly, don't grow a "beer belly".

Do not give the younger woman the whole depth of your feelings ahead of time. This is what Pushkin said: "The less we love a girl , the more she likes us." Play the role of a good friend, until you feel that a girl is in love or feels attracted to you.

If the period of friendship is too long then use this trouble-free use method. Pretend to love another girls do not like to lose older men in the circle of her admirers. In this situation, a girl, most likely will enumerate all of your dignity and fall in love with you.

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